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STALT today
Framed in 1991, company STALT from the date of the basis specializes on granting of services in the field of safety and communication:

1. Working out and manufacture:
Working out of new technologies and the equipment, serial release of new models ЭСБ, license manufacture of foreign workings out.

2. Work with objects:
project Working out. The equipment of the project necessary system (from the elementary security-fire to the integrated life-support system of a building). Realization of a full complex of works "on a turn-key basis".

3. Deliveries:
Deliveries from a warehouse in St.-Petersburg and Moscow all spectrum of the made and extended equipment of safety in the form most convenient for the Customer.

4. Installation and commissioning:
Assembly and пусконалодочные works.

5. Technical support and service:
Consultations on "a hot line", training, equipment service on territories of the customer, repair.